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New York DWI Penalties

A New York DWI Penalties Lawyer can tell you that if you are convicted of a DWI offense in New York, the penalties you could receive will depend on many different factors. Factors that can influence your sentencing include whether you have any prior convictions, and the particular circumstances of your case. If you have been convicted of a DWI charge, it is extremely important to consult with a New York Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer from our office to learn more about the penalties you could be facing.

Penalties for DWI in New York

For a first offense, you could be sentenced up to a maximum one-year in jail, and a six-month suspension of your driver’s license. You can also be ordered to pay fines.

For a second DWI offense within five years, you can be sentenced to five days mandatory jail time and up to a maximum of four years in prison. You can lose your driving privileges for a maximum of one year, and can pay fines anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

For a third DWI offense, if it is within five years, you can receive ten days mandatory jail time, or a maximum of seven years in prison. Your driving privileges can be suspended for a minimum of one year. You may be required to install an Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle. The judge can also order a mandatory Alcohol Evaluation, and you can receive fines from $2,000 to $10,000.

For an Aggravated DWI, the penalties are even more serious. For a first offense, you can be sentenced to a maximum one year in jail and a minimum of one year’s suspension of your license.

For a DWAI (driving while ability impaired), you can be sentenced to up to one year in jail, a minimum of six months license suspension, and can be ordered to pay fines.

If you are minor and have been charged with a DWI, penalties can include a six-month license suspension and fees.

What penalties you ultimately receive will depend upon the circumstances of your particular case, and the quality of your defense. Contact an experienced New York DWI Penalties Lawyer from Stephen Bilkis & Associates, PLLC. Whether you have been charged with an Aggravated DWI, a DWAI charge, or Felony DWI, a skilled New York Criminal Defense Lawyer from our team can create an aggressive defense strategy and ensure that your rights are protected. When you come in, you can receive a free, no-obligation consultation with your first appointment. We have office locations in New York City, such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. We also have offices in Nassau County and Suffolk County on Long Island, and Westchester County. Contact us today to receive your free consultation at 800.696.9529.